Sound Connections allows you to explore sounds from across the UK and the Netherlands around different themes:

  • Birdlife in the UK and Netherlands

  • Aviation in the Netherlands

  • Citylife in Amsterdam

  • Citylife in London

These sounds have been shared by the British Library and The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision and they need your help to add contextual information to them. These could be photographs, videos, other sound recordings, articles, or other pieces of relevant information.,5.291266,5/bounds/39.502965,-6.354242,61.647501,16.936774/project/about


Creators: Historypin - Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision - British Library - Ontotext
Organizations: Historypin, Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, British Library, Ontotext
Used dataset, code, API: Sound of The Netherlands dataset
Related event: Europeana Creative