Qmusic laat haar geluiden van de spelshow 'Raad Het Geluid' van Mattie & Wietze opnemen in de collectie van Het Geluid van Nederland!

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Sound Connections allows you to explore sounds from across the UK and the Netherlands around different themes:

  • Birdlife in the UK and Netherlands

  • Aviation in the Netherlands

  • Citylife in Amsterdam

  • Citylife in London

These sounds have been shared by the British Library and The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision and they need your help to add contextual information to them. These could be photographs, videos, other sound recordings, articles, or other pieces of relevant information.



Creators: Historypin - Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision - British Library - Ontotext
Organizations: Historypin, Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, British Library, Ontotext
Used dataset, code, API: Sound of The Netherlands dataset
Related event: Europeana Creative

Lakker- Struggle & Emerge

Lakker teamed up with the RE:VIVE Initiative to create a new conceptual work solely sampling field recording, TV and radio broadcasts from the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision. The curated material provided all related to and was representative of the theme the “Dutch and water”




RE:VIVE brengt archieven en muzikanten samen om nieuwe producties te maken gebaseerd op en geïnspireerd door audiocollecties. 

De belangrijkste doelstelling van RE:VIVE is dat audiomateriaal van archieven wordt hergebruikt bij het maken van nieuwe composities. RE:VIVE organiseert sessies waarin een bepaalde thematische audiocollectie centraal staat. In de sessies worden niet alleen nieuwe audioproducties gecreëerd rond dit thema, ook is er veel aandacht voor het belang van de rol van archieven. De nadruk ligt op creatief hergebruik, context-verlening en betrokkenheid. 

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As part of the Europeana Creative project, Sound and Vision commissioned Australian artist Andy Thomas to create an inspirational digital sound sculpture re-using two bird sounds from its archive. Andy used different 3D software to emulate his visions of the sounds. 

The video served as inspiration for creative industries to submit their ideas to a Europe wide competition. The bird sounds video is part of the Social Networks pilot, called “Sound Connections”, which is led by Sound and Vision. This pilot allows communities to enrich a variety of soundscapes (birds, aviation and city sounds) on an interactive map. See for instance the bird sounds pilot page.



Creators: Andy Thomas
Used Dataset, Code, API: Sound of The Netherlands dataset
Related Project: Europeana Creative 


Mix van Nederland is a web application for children between 12 and 16 years old and uses sound sform the Het Geluid van Nederland dataset from Sound and Vision. The children can mix the sounds like a real DJ to create a new sound. By dragging different sounds to a timeline they can create their own mixtape of 50 seconds and listen to it.


Creators: Team Studio>RDY: Linsey Jepma - Paul Vonk - Burhan Eskin - Samira Abdelwajid - Mellissa Geutskens
Organizations: Hogeschool van Amsterdam
Used dataset, dode, API: Sound of the Netherlands dataset
Related event: Open Culture Data Competition 2012